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Fish crudités in Milan?

Fish crudités in Milan? Try the Settembrini 18 restaurant in Milan in the Central Station area for excellent raw seafood.

Are you ready for a unique culinary experience that celebrates the freshness and delicacy of the sea? If your answer is yes, then fish crudité is just the thing for you. In this article we will guide you through the delicious world of raw seafood in Milan and reveal the secrets of a restaurant specializing in fish just a few steps from the Central Station.

Introduction to Fish Crudités

Fish crudité is a fresh, light and refined dish that showcases the quality and freshness of the ingredients. In addition to delicious fish fillets, such as sea bass, tuna and sea bass, we also offer a variety of very fresh seafood. Furthermore, oysters are a real pleasure for the palate. The mussels, tender and succulent, are an explosion of marine freshness, while the prawns and scampi, with their sweetness and juicy texture, add a touch of delicacy to your gastronomic experience. Every bite of raw seafood is a journey of flavors and aromas that will transport you directly to the Italian coasts.

September 18: An oasis of taste in the heart of Milan

Imagine immersing yourself in a welcoming and refined environment, surrounded by scents that anticipate the culinary delights to come. This is what awaits you at Settembrini 18, a fish restaurant located in the heart of Milan, a few steps from the Central Station . Here, the freshness and quality of the products are at the center of every dish and our fish crudités are no exception.

Cruditè Di Pesce In Milan Our Selection Of Fresh Fish.

Our selection includes a variety of very fresh fish, carefully selected by our chef to guarantee maximum quality and taste.

  • Salmon carpaccio. Prepared with the freshest and finest salmon, our salmon carpaccio is a delight for the palate. Cut very thin and seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and grated lemon peel, this dish is a triumph of delicacy and flavour. Every bite will transport you directly to the Nordic coasts, with its fresh and enveloping flavour.
  • Red tuna tartare. If you love bluefin tuna, you can’t miss our tartare . Prepared with the freshest and most tender tuna, these tartare are a true masterpiece of balance and intensity. The soft texture of the tuna pairs perfectly with the intense flavor of the seasonings, creating a harmony of flavors that will leave you speechless.
  • Fresh oysters. Oysters have always been considered a symbol of luxury and refinement, and ours are no exception. Served freshly opened and accompanied by lemon slices, our oysters are an explosion of freshness and flavour. Every bite is a unique experience, which allows you to enjoy the sea in all its purity.
  • Raw scampi and prawns. If you are a fan of the finest shellfish, you can’t resist our raw scampi and prawns. Fresh, juicy and full of flavour, they are perfect for those who love the most authentic pleasures of the sea.

Each dish is accompanied by fresh and light sauces and condiments, designed to enhance the flavor of the fish without overpowering them.

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