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Our wines pair with the choice of dishes in our menus.

Our experience in food and wine pairing resulted in this wine list – we can give you the best wine advice for the dish of your choice.
We carefully select the brands and characteristics that best match our cuisine, and all our wines are produced in prestigious italian vineyards and international wineries.


Powerful, full-bodied, fresh and crispy wines, as well as fruity and aromatic wines for an amazing food pairing experience.



Grapes quality and the whole production process have a great impact on the quality of red wines. This is why we have selected the most refined red wines.



Perfectly paired with seafood and vegetarian dishes, also perfect as an aperitif drink.


Sparkling wines

Our choice of fizz includes wines produced with either Charmat or classic method – the best quality sparkling wines.



The ultimate drink for special occasions, at a party. A fashionable wine that could not be missed in our list.

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